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DescriptionThe following command can be used to add multiple DNS suffixes/domains to resolve host names when connected to a SSLVPN /IPsec dial up VPN tunnel.This article describes how to use this command.SolutionThis configuration option is not avail...
Description This article describes when IPSec Phase 1 DH group is selected 1, 2, or 14 on FortiClient Android, IPSec VPN connection cannot be established. This is a known issue. WorkaroundFortiClient Android's IPSec Phase 1 DH group default value is ...
Description Packets are lost during phase2 rekey when using NP offloading.This article explains possible solutions to avoid packet loss. Solution In transparent mode, the FortiGate learns MAC addresses and creates the forwarding database (FDB).The pe...
DescriptionFortiCloud indicates the following five Analysis Status values:- Pending: file has been submitted to backend virus scanning system, and is waiting for scanning.- Clean: file has been determined as a clean file.- Virus: file has been determ...
DescriptionThis article provides a sample configuration for DNS based FortiGuard web filtering.SolutionTopology or network layoutPC---(switch)FGT-111C(wan1)---InternetSteps1) Create webfilter profile### CLI sample ###config webfilter profile edit "dn...