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Hiho, there is an old bug in FortiOS and FortiManager that allows you to set too long Phase1 names. This can cause problems wenn the FGT runs out of space on creating new dialup instances due to enumeration. This means: when you create a dial up ipse...
just encountered this: IPSec Dial Up does allow concurrent tunnels. To make sure it can handle each one it enumerates the tunnels. Good so far.Though the Gui (and the FOrtimanager gui also) allow you to enter too long p1 names.If you p1 name is too l...
Hiho, I have an adom which used to bei v6.2 before. As long as it was 6.2 all worked fine even after upgrading the FortiManager to v6.4. Once I upgraded the adom (and the global adom as it provides objects that are used in that adom) to v.6.4 I canno...
I have this constellation: FGT100E with a FEX connected to it via capwap.FGT has authorized the FEX and added a device ofor it.All wans plus FEX are members of sd-wan. All wans except FEX are part of SD-WAN health check.I kept FEX out because it shou...
I have the following constellation which behaves quite strange FGT100D has 4 WANS. Port wan1,wan2,ha1,ha2. Those are members of sd-wan in following order: wan1 cost 0wan2 cost 0ha1 cost 10ha2 cost 10 the implicit sd-wan rule for loadbalancing is set ...