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Has anyone combined these two features? They both create tunnels between FGT's but for different purposes. With all that encapsulation I"m wondering if it could affect performance (or shrink MTU's to ridiculous sizes :)
When I have an Interface History widget I have added to a dashboard, is it the aggregate traffic over that interface? What I mean is I am graphing my Internet uplink and I want to know if the numbers on that graph include all of the VPN tunnels that ...
The release notes for 5.4 GA show that an upgrade from 5.2 or higher is supported. I"m getting a "must uninstall previous version" error when trying to use the MSI. I have a TAC case open but was curious if anyone else was seeing this. It kills a GPO...
Has anyone setup a mobile VPN profile that works with Chromebooks? I have one that works with both iOS and Android devices but Chromsbooks dont work with it or any tweaks that I make. I've googled around and can't seem to find anything beyond a sugge...
I"m on 5.2.2 and I"m seeing odd behavior in the GUI. I cannot drag policies in different orders it says "changes saved" but when I move off the page and come back they are right where they started at the end of the policy list. Copying and Pasteing d...
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