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Hi, The problem is that some packets come from interface A, but try to go out to interface B because the network of that packet is known in both interfaces. Can i mark the packet for send it out to the same interface that it come from? Thanks! Marcel...
The problem is that some routes disappear from de routing table, when i run the command: get router info bgp neighbor X.X.X.X received-routes those routes are not there BUT when i add them as a static route appear again as a received route. Someone k...
Someone knows how to run an ssh command script to the device? I need to execute that script if and interface get down or something like that, the trigger is a monitoring software. Tks!
Hi, I recived routes from both neighbors, the problem is that i dont want to advertised routes from one neighbor to the other. Wich is the command that i have to use? Tks! And excuse me for my bad english.