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Hi all, Is is possible to get configuration file from FGT with Ansible and store the result locally (on the machine where Ansible is running) ??? Regards, HA
Hello, After ugrading two fortiManagar to 6.0.6, the source column cannot be displayed when viewing the policy.It's even to possible to column settings... Bug or another miss from FortiDevelopper ? Regards, HA
Hi all,One of our customer is currently managing Fortigate device using FortiManager. The Firewall has VDOM activated. On the firewall, I created one admin user (with prof_admin admin profile, so RW access) to allow management of one VDOM only (root)...
Hi all, Is it possible to schedule an automatic push of policies from FM to Fortigate FW ?? Regards, HA
Hello, One of our customer wants to implement metro cluster using VXLAN on Fortigate (ISP Line max performance are 1 Gbps Down and 500 Mbps UP).The traffic will be encrypted using IPSec tunnel.Which FGT model is required to get 200 Mbps UP/Down ?What...
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