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Hello, I have a problem with disabling "All Other Users/Groups" on a Fortigate 40C (5.2.9). I don't want other users than the users that are mapped to a group. Authentication is done Trough LDAP. There are two LDAP groups mapped to a local group. Tho...
Simple question. Is it possible to send an e-mail to the sender of the e-mail that the file size has passed it's limit?
Hello Again, Has somebody a idea how to block incoming e-mail that doesn't contain any content. Since a week the Fortigate passes e-mail with no content to the users. Thanks in advance,
Hello, Does somebody has an answer on the following question. I am trying to block different file types in mail attachments. The fortigate 100D says it blocks it but the user still receives the file. How is this possible? Anybody an idea?
Hello to you all. After trying the advised method of restoring a snapshot within VMware the machine corrupted. So the question is easy is there another method of making a backup of the FortiAuthenticator config. Because there is no simple CLI command...
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