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Hi I have been running IPsec VPN for years without any issue. all of a sudden my users started to complain that they are unable to access the internal network. VPN shows its connectedfortigate log shows incoming ping requests from clientclient receiv...
Hi Wan1 IP is IP is IP is IP is I'm trying to make computers on Internal2 access the internet using Wan2 only. I created 2 static routes as below: Gateway
Hello.. I need to disable fortigate TCP timestamp. I ran the below commands and need to know whether they will do fulfill my requirements. config system global set tcp-option disable if no, please assist me in disabling TCP timestamp. Regards
Hello I was wondering if I can create a objects based on URL instead of IP address
Hi I have upgraded my FortiClient from version 4 to 5. now, whenever I start my machine I get a pop up screen that FortiClient recently updated itself. is there a way to disable Forticlient from starting up at login? I' m not able to stop the service...