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Hi folks, I have a strange problem distributing traffic over sd-wan in fortios 5.6.2We have 4 wan connections.Two of them are 100MBit down and 40 up.The other two are 16Mbit down and 1 up.I entered the bandwith of each interface it's config.All conne...
Hello together, I'm trying to get my Fortigates registered via LLDP in my Switches.This works perfectly on two FGT-50E, currently on 5.4.1.It does not work on 3x FGT-90D and on one 110C. These are all on 5.4.somewhat firmware.What I did: edit "intern...
Hello guys, I have created a mst file for customizing forticlient setup. If I run msiexec with the TRANSFORM Option pointing to my mst file, every thing works. But how do I integrate this mst into a msi file ? If I run FCRepackager.exe -m c:\FortiCli...
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