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Hi all, Kindly help to show me the way enable PPPoE in addressing mode.I wan to dial PPPoE on fortigate 300D but i not see PPPoE option. Thanks
Dear all, I'm stuck config VPN site to site between fortigate 300c and Draytek 2950.In Draytek:Dial out IPSec Tunnel IKE phase 1 : 3DES_MD5_G5 IKE phase 2: 3DES_MD5 Main ID protectionin Fortigate:Phase 1: Main ID Protection 3DES_MD5 DH Group 2,5 Keyl...
Hi all,I checked forward traffic log in fortigate 300c.I saw many trans from 1 device with the difference IP(attached pic).I don't know what's happen!Kindly help me know this!Many thanks
Hi all,I am using fortigate 300C V5.0 .I want to block internet some Pcs by Mac address,so when i created an policy device identity with Authentication Rules action=Deny,All pcs couldn't access internet.Kindly help to fix this issues!Many thanks