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DescriptionThis article describes a scenario where 4 Gbps link a needed to be used through a FortiDDoS device.SolutionThe FortiDDoS unit does not support LACP configuration of the ports, but LACP can be used outside the device to provide aggregated b...
Description This article describes how to solve an issue with the activation mail for FortiToken Mobile.When you receive a FortiToken Mobile activation mail and click on the link in it, you will see a security notice and see that the letter “h” is mi...
DescriptionFortiDDoS provides two options for blocking or allowing traffic by location:• Allow all and deny some• Deny all and allow someThis is configured under Global Settings > Settings > Settings: Geo Location Policy.SolutionOption (a) Allow all ...
Description This article describes how LACP should be configured on FortiCache. Scope All FortiCache devices. Solution When configuring LACP, it is mandatory to first put physical interfaces that will be part of Aggregate interface manually administr...
DescriptionThis article describes how to configure IPsec dialup using iOS and Certificate authentication method. The article it does not describe how to create and import certificates to FortiGate/iOS.SolutionPrerequisites:Valid certificates needs to...