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Hello, I've been working exclusively with FortiGates, FortiAnalyzers, FortiManagers, FortiMail, FortiAPs as well as FortiAuthenticator for over 12 years. Installed and supported hundreds of devices and in that time only raised maybe 20 support ticket...
Hi, On a normal hardware change I would copy and past to text editor then find and replace interface differences. Some occasions there would be syntax differences if you can't upgrade the older box firmware and it would be a matter of changing things...
I' ve downloaded a new (as of 9th Feb 2012) Fortitoken Mobile for iOS on iPhone 4. To activate you of course need the serial number... this I cannot find. I would have expected it under General > Settings but the App doesn' t appear there and it does...
Hi Would anyone know if at all possible to link say to 310Bs in fail-over miles apart? Thank you