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It seems that, in FortiOS 5.0.4, I can receive Log Alert emails EITHER: 1. for ALL Severity levels (for selected categories), OR 2. for ALL categories (above a selected Severity level). I want to be able to select only some categories, and only above...
Hi forum users, We' ve got an FG100D which I set up (badly, being a newbie to FortiOS, despite having 15 years in the security field). We' ve purchased a second FG100D to set up in HA mode, but having now worked with the product on-and-off for six+ m...
I have an FG100D, purchased around July 2013, which came with 16GB built-in flash storage. I would like to increase the internal storage (significantly). Is this possible with an FG100D? thanks,
I' m sure I' m missing something obvious, but .... Where are the Release Notes/ ChangeLog for the FortiClient SSL VPN for Linux? thanks, -Jay
I' m testing FortiCloud to enable larger volumes of data to be stored and analyzed without filling up the local flash disk storage of my FG100D. At first I didn' t know how to turn on DNS reverse resolution in FortiCloud so that hostnames are visible...
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