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Good morning everyone Perhaps a trivial question. I need two PCs to be able to regularly access the internet but not to browse the LAN. Basically blocks that prevent communication with Active Directory or other.
Hello everyone, can someone explain to me why I can't connect Forticlient ? As you can see from the scenario, the public ip of the isp makes me reach the fortigate, but I can't go further. Thanks to anyone who can give me some suggestions 
Good morning everyone. Attached is the current scene. We have now acquired a second Fortigate 100F. The idea is to configure the two in active-passive HA (High Availability). I have some doubts. 1) Can the WAN be the same? 2) How do I connect and whe...
Good morning everyone. I installed the free Fortitoken (2 tokens) on my mobile. It manages my access to Admin and my User. My cell phone has completely broken. Now I can no longer access the Fortigate. Is there a way to log in without having to reset...
Good evening everyone. I have a question, if it is possible to realize this scene.We have 2 sites (AeB) in ipvsec vpn. the first site A has class the second B has class In the first site we have another class conf...