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DescriptionFortiConverter's license file uses the hardware id. generated for the PC it is installed on, and the serial number.When the FortiConverter is first registered, the hardware id. must be entered in order to generate the license file, which i...
DescriptionFortiConverter customers may need to send their firewall configuration files to FortiConverter engineering in order to resolve conversion logic errors. Customers may securely send these files using Fortinet’s SFTP service.The same service ...
Please find links to the beta Brainshark presentation for the FortiManager 5.2 update.https://www.brainshark.com/fortinet/FortiManager-5_2_1-Intro https://www.brainshark.com/fortinet/FortiManager-5_2_1-System https://www.brainshark.com/fortinet/Forti...
Please find links to Brainshark recordings of the FortiDDoS training. Feedback and comments welcome!https://www.brainshark.com/fortinet/FortiDDoS-4_0-Intro https://www.brainshark.com/fortinet/FortiDDoS-4_0-Initial https://www.brainshark.com/fortinet/...
Please find links to draft Brainshark recordings of the latest FortiAnalyzer update. Feedback and comments welcome!https://www.brainshark.com/fortinet/FortiAnalyzer-5_2_1-Introhttps://www.brainshark.com/fortinet/FortiAnalyzer-5_2_1-Adminhttps://www.b...
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