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Hi,Is it possible to unregister a Fortigate device from the gui or cli, I have some old units we want to use for testing / training and want to make sure they don't confuse by going to a registered accountAnyone know a method to unregister / wipe the...
Hi,Is it possible to bond 2 wan connections with just Fortigate, we have policies split over connections so can use both but want to bon the 2 together for increased bandwidth, can this be done in a basic way with Fortigate or do we need Ascendlink?
Hi,Am looking to protect outlook anywhere using a WAF, does anyone know how Fortiweb handles file attachments, any advice appreciated?Mark
Hi,I am planning a migration, old site to new, both have fortigate and a separate internet connection.I want to have the LAN range the same on both sides, e.g. in site 1, on site 2 - then i can test connectivity and rout...
Hi,With a Fortiauthenticator and multiple domains, how do you add DNS entries for each of the networks ?Mark
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