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DescriptionThis aticle will share common possibilities that trigger High Availability intermittence issue. The HA design is working during the implementation based on existing units, VLAN, cabling and and so on. However, after quite some time, the HA...
DescriptionIn some cases, the network is not working due to DNS is down or intermittence. DNS responsible to resolve domain/URL to IP address. If the DNS unable to resolve, the domain will not reachable.This article will assist on the DNS troubleshoo...
DescriptionIt is very common to configure LACP to increase a bandwidth and having a failover capability. LACP basically combining multiple port and works as 1 physical cable. However, due to certain scenario, the LACP can not work as per expectation....
DescriptionThis article describes how to verify routing path and configuration. Basically, routing is related to the segment and gateway. In some scenario, certain segment required specific gateway.Example. Gateway ISP Router10.1...
DescriptionThis article describes regarding the HA scenario in active 'passive deployment'. Connected to two switches without LACP and with LACP (802.3ad) design.Any HA deployment is highly depending on the network side. This deployment must be desig...
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