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Hello, I’m simulating a scenario for a customer with GNS3. Each “site” has a FortiGate with two VDOMs: root and internal.internal has 3 subnets:[ul]port1+vx-lan1 is a software switch, the VXLAN VTEP is at the other site. intra switch policy is set to...
Hello, Before we start a little disclaimer: this is posted as-is, it's not something I did using Fortinet's official documentation (AFAIK, there isn't any about the DC Agent installer), nor supported by Fortinet. Use at your own risk. This was tested...
Hello Forum, Quick question (that I haven't found in the documentation). How do I perform an unattended install or upgrade of the DCAgent? I.E.: what's the installer command line? Thanks in advance,
Hello Forum, A customer has it's infrastructure with a Fortinet SSO collector version 5.0.0254 and i need to upgrade it to 5.0.0271 (due to a fimware upgrade in a FortiGate device). Tough i found in 5.4.10's release notes that i need the collector ve...
Hello Forum I'm posting this because I'm trying to find a list of ipprope groups id and their meaning. So far I couldn't find anything and onl cross referenced some like these:[ul]100000: virtual IPs or destination nat100004: IPv4 policies100015: tra...
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