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Question to Fortinet: Will Fortinet support 6.2 paid version of Forticlient? The free version does not allow "always on" this is why I ask since I use that feature 24/7. The support site does not have 6.2 non free version. Thank you
Hello Fotcilent users, I would like to know more about the future of the Forticlient. I see that 6.00 is the last version and it looks like they are phasing out the client? Is that true? 6.2.2 uses EMS which requires a Windows Server. I am just a hom...
Version 5.6. I would like to configure SSL VPN on my Fortigate but the VPN menu is now showing up? What do I have to do to enable VPN on my Fortigate? TIA and any inisight is apprecaited. http://cookbook.fortinet....ng-web-tunnel-mode-56/
Hello All, Other firewalls I would see the blocking from outside activity all the time. How do I see the traffic that the Fortinet is blocking from the outside via the Implicit deny? My policy is simple allow all outgoing and block all incoming via i...