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Hi guys, Recently the management was inaccessible but it could be pinged. After a reboot the device was accessible again and all was well. Is there anything I could run/see that could help me identify what happened around the time of the incident? Re...
Currently the school is out due to holidays, but I can still see connections being active. Can someone confirm that these may just be devices idling that are still connected to the Internet. Kind regardsMiata
Hi guys So my FG-60D running 5.2.3 has been at 100% CPU and about 90% memory recently so I thought I would run the diag sys top command as shown below. From this command I can see that the scanunitd and IPS engine it taking most of my CPU usage. I do...
Hi guys I am unable to use Teamviewer as it's just giving us a message saying that I have no internet connection. I am using the Fortigate 60c on 5.0.5. Any ideas why this might be happening? CheersMiata
I have a lot of Motorola barcode scanners and android tablets, when they connect to outside AP's the throughput goes down dramatically, it takes ages to send one picture whereas they connect fine to the inside APs and can send a lot in seconds. signa...
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