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Hi all, sometimes you have a routing problem on a system behind a remote firewall. For example someone forgot the correct ip route or there is a type in the address of the router/firewall. Even if you use IPv6 the typo happens fast With IPv4 that's n...
Hello,our FortiGate is providing SSLVPN with split tunnel dialin (IPv4 only). Works fine, but got an user complain it doesn't work if the client-network is behind a NAT64 gateway (like it can be a Fortigate, too). The FortiClient VPN is counting up t...
Hello, I want to access one internal IPv6 server connecting a public IPv4 address. The plan is the Fortigate does nat46 by terminating the incomming IPv4 connection and translating the TCP-data to a IPv6 connection to the IPv6 server. I configured " ...
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