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DescriptionThis article provides the commands for FortiGate traffic based webfilter quota configuration. SolutionTraffic based quota configuration in FortiGate webfilter is available via CLI mode only.Configure traffic type webfilter quota as per the...
DescriptionThe purpose of this article is to demonstrate FortiGate DLP Watermarking using FortiExplorer.SolutionWatermarkingWatermarking is essentially marking files with a digital pattern to mark the file as being proprietary to a specific company. ...
DescriptionA proxy auto-config (PAC) file defines how web browsers can choose a proxy server for receiving HTTP content. PAC files include the FindProxyForURL(url, host) JavaScript function that returns a string with one or more access method specifi...
DescriptionThis article explains how to block web-based chat on Gmail webmail using App Sensor + SSL Inspection.Solution1.) Configure Application Sensors Profile.Go to Security Profile> Application Control> Application sensors.Go to your application ...
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