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Do you know if it's possible to use the "cfg-save revert" command on a Fortigate in such a way that the firewall WON'T reboot when the timer period expires? i.e. are there any other config settings which can be changed so that the config will just re...
We have two pairs of Fortinet firewalls in HA mode, one pair in each of our two data centers. The firewalls are 600E's running 6.4.7GA.We require each cluster to have an IP address on the same VLAN. One cluster has an IP of and one cluster h...
HiDo you know if I will be able to use the "A" port on a fortigate 40F for production, or is its use restricted to local admin access?Many thanks
HiI am planning an upgrade of two (HA Pair) of 600E firewalls. They are currently 6.08 and I will need to go through several steps to get them to required version 6.4.5.My question is- would it be safer to shut down the switch ports on the secondary ...