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Hello all. Threat feed is one of the great features since FortiOS 6.0. It makes the task of blocking poor reputation IPs/domains, malware hashes and known IOCs very easy. So, since i could not find it easily, i'd like to share here some ready to use ...
Hello everyone, Someone asked me and I realized that I never knew it. On which port does fortigate start the usage for SNAT ports? I mean, what is the first and last ports usued by fortios on snat port translation? Thank you all in advance. tioeudes
Hello All. So, here's the thing. A customer has a default route using, let's say port1(which is a L2L interface) and is using port2 for SSLVPN.Since the packet to establish the sslvpn connection arrive at port2 and the default route is using port1, r...
Hello everyone, Did you guys ever generated a report with faz and managed to print it without the chart's name?A colleague needs theto receive the reports from FAZ without the first line which is the chart name and looks like it's impossible. I'm abl...
Hello All. Did anyone ever measured the max thoughput on the inter vdom links?Looking for this information online, but wasn't able to find it.
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