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Hello. Where can I download FortiEDR software. Do I need active valid licence to download FortiEDR Agent? I have an expired FortiEDR License. How much deployment and installation I can do with this expired license?
Hi. I want ask about IP address policy. The situation is, there is 3 networks. Is it possible in FortiGate Firewall to be deactivate or restrict all policies for a certain time for a specific network/ IP range?
Hi. About Fortinet FortiGate or any other products,1. After inputting License key (Activation), is there any way to remove that license?2. Is deregistration and deactivation of License the same thing?3. What are the steps to follow if I want to dereg...
Hello! About FortiEDR, my questions are,1) What is/ are the license types?2) Any integration with other Fortinet devices/ service for FortiEDR to work?3) Where can I download a image file of FortiEDR for Hyper-V/ VMware for a demo environment?
Hello! About FortiEDR,1) What are the dependencies before installation?2) Any compatibility issues for devices where FortiEDR will be installed?3) Any guide/ step by step setup for FortiEDR?4) Any integration with other Fortinet devices/ service for ...