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Heyoo, We have a stock "full-access" portal we use that enables split tunneling. We have a single user that has an application on her laptop that much appear to come from within our network in order to work. All I am trying to do is create another po...
We have a site-site IPSEC tunnel setup reciprocating traffic between SiteA and SiteB VPN user gets an ip at SiteA but no traffic is allowed to Site B. IPSEC VPN works fine. I tried making a policy from
Hello all...I have what must be a very simple problem for most that I can' t seem to figure out. ..thats all it is. The 4.x subnet can talk to and see the 3.x subnet just fine, but the 1.x subnet across the WAN via ...
Hi we' re getting a lot of " deny" traffic to our broadcast address after implementing a 100D and we aren' t sure if this is normal or not. example attached The lan > lan policy is set to accept any and all so not sure why UDP and other DHCP/relay tr...