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I am planning and preparing to upgrade my FG200D HA cluster (2 units). current version is 5.2.10. Question 1) Do you guys find the upgrade path tool reliable?I ask this question because using the tool for 5.2.10 to 5.6.5 is kind ...
VPN routing concepts seemed to have changed for any FortiOS 5.2 or higher. It is in the what's new area of 5.2. VPN tunnels now use "add-route" which I don't understand in a scenario. I did many FGT<>FGT with split tunnel VPN and with old r...
using standalone FG60E v5.4.1, logging to memory and forticloud (if I can get it working). forward traffic logs are blank. I tried UTM events, all session and web profile "log-all-urls". log still blank. also the forticloud test account button does n...
Is it possible to have many SSL VPN users, but only require client certificates for some users? I only see a global setting. I want a per group setting.
when converting FGT > FGT and mapping the interfaces, the SSL.root is not the destination interface list box. Also what do I match phase-1 VPN interfaces to? Do I even need to convert my config at all if I do a FG200B (5.2.3) to a FG200D (5.2.3)???
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