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Hi, We are using Netflow to monitor the Fortigates. In the flow record there is a field for DSCP.Some records show the correct marking, like 0 (best effort) or 46 (EF). But there are also records showing "N/A". Any idea why that is ? One would sugges...
Hi, In a static you have the priority option to favor traffic over a specific route in a ECMP situation. In OSPF you have the priority command, but this is used for calculation of the DR/BDR. I was wondering if there is a way to favor traffic in OSPF...
Hi, I'm working on a solution with the Fortiweb and a RDS Gateway and 2FA (fortiauthenticator).I've got the 2FA part working with the RDS Gateway. Users get a login page and after they are authenticated they are redirected to the RDWEB page. All is f...
Hi, I try to change the administrative distance within RIP. But i don't see the the distance changed at the other side. not 100% sure i configured it correctly. Site A:config router rip config distance edit 1 set prefix
Hi.. We want to use our Fortiauthenticator to provide 2FA with a Windows RDS gateway (2012). I cannot find any documentation on this so i was hoping someone else has figured this out.. I think i have to use the fortiauthenticator plugin for IIS/OWA, ...
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