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Resolved! Report per user day

Good morning,I have a MV Fortianalyzer, I saw that I can generate the report of time used by the user, but my doubt is if I can pull it retroactively. viewtopic.php?f=15&t=19269 I need to get a report of the connected time of the users per day since ...

The Fortinet Security Fabric Overview

A brief introduction to Fortinet Security Fabric.The Fortinet Security Fabric is designed to simplify management of an organization's entire security architecture. The Fabric accomplishes this by integrating all deployed security point products, enab...

Remsondu1 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Automation without FortiManager

I have a version of the Fortigate 600D-LENC device, that is, without access to Fortinet cloud services and without access to FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer. Is there a possibility on FortiOS Firmware v5.4.1 build 3753 configure automatic backup actio...

Dubos by New Contributor III
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Veeam Guest OS Credentials for FortiAnalyzer VM Backup

I have a FortiAnalyzer VM that I am backing up with Veeam B&R v11a (build P20211211). The backup reports success and I have restored the entire VM (after a bad firmware udpate) so confident it is working. Occasionally I see a warning mess...

FortiAnalyzer- SSL VPN Bandwidth Report for Destination Address

Hi I have a requirement to determine what amount of bandwidth is being used by SSL VPN users for internal addresses versus external addresses, however I don't see a dataset on FortiAnalyzer 6.4.7 that will allow me to achieve this. I'd be extremely g...

Jambo by New Contributor
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Resolved! Search in logs contains IP address

Does fortigate or fortianalyzer has option to search traffic logs for IP that contains a certain value.For eg am trying to find destined to all IPs starting with 10.20.30.x

ceForti by New Contributor
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Fortigate Storage and log best practices

Hi,I try to understand what do these data refer to, the fortigate or the fortianalyzer?I also wanted to understand what could be the correct solutions to make sure that it does not reach 100%, such as putting retention to the logs... I just don't und...

DanieleS99 by New Contributor III
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