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Separate WAN for each VLAN

Hi All, I'm having an issue with a Fortigate 80F running 6.4.7. The setup we are trying to achieve is something like below: WAN1 - Primary cable modemWAN2 - Secondary cable modem (both same provider) VLANs 1-4 go out through WAN1 onlyVLAN 5 goes out ...

rbowman by New Contributor
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Resolved! SIP calls drop after 30 seconds

Hi all,I have disabled VoIP inspection, but the problem persist.The pbx is within the network like all ip phones.The STUN server on the pbx is enabled. The calls work beyond 30 seconds only without the STUN server and with the pbx published by the VI...

ac1 by Contributor
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Use of NAT with VPNs

Being a Cisc0 ASA man for years, I am new to Fortigate,I have just configured my first Site-to-Site VPN.I had to use NAT to hide the real remote site IP from Local. Traffic can be initiated from either end.this is the requirementslocal

Downloading CA cert from standby Fortigate

Hi, We have a couple of Fortigates 200E in active/passive mode. In order to perform SSL inspection we've downloaded the local CA cert from the primary and installed on the local PCs. How can we download the same certificate from the stand-by unit to ...

AntonioM by New Contributor
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Forward Client Certificate to backend server

Hello FortiExperts :) Can someone tell me is there a way for FortiWeb to forward Client Certificate (after Certificate Verification) to a backend server (IIS in this case), other than in a HTTP header or Certificate Proxy feature? Reverse Proxy or TT...

NotMine by Contributor
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Fortiview Name Resolution

Hi Everyone - banging my head against the wall here on why source name resolution is working only on ONE device? See pic - it works on the first listed client but none of the others. What am I missing? I would like the fortigate to resolve names of *...

Source NAT - Firewall Performance decision

Hi All, I am in process of migrating a cisco ASA into Fortigate 100F. On ASA, all VLANS, are source NATed through a single public IP (other than the outside interface IP). On Fortigate I have to configure a NAT pool (single-IP) which needs to be appl...

Spyros by New Contributor
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