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Cannot enumerate the Domain

Has anyone come across this error before Cannot enumerate (LDAP ID 11) until email alert is sent for previous error: An operation error occurred. it sort of came after the cannot enumerate the domain error i get, which usually to fix it is to remove...

FortiGate 61-E POST garbage output

Hi Guys, I have purchased this new and unlicensed (no tech support) FGT-61E for my personal lab and noticed I keep spitting out garbage out of the console (see screenshot) and goes into a boot loop. It boots fine without the console connected. After ...

Forticlient VPN split DNS servers not pushed

Hi, We have an SSL VPN portal setup with split DNS and configured DNS servers/domains. However, when connecting with forticlient VPN, the DNS resolving is not working, and the custom DNS servers are not pushed to the adapter.How can we make this happ...

michelpbe by New Contributor
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Extreme slow Web filter performance

Hi, I am current running 6.4.4 with 60F in profile-based mode. the policy and the web filter profile are both in Flow mode. And I only use Certificate-inspection. I have noticed, If I enabled any "Fortiguard Category" in the web filter profile. then ...

Fortinet Firewall Report Issues

Hi Experts, We have a newly deployed Fortigate firewall now we have some concerns regarding reporting. Under "Most Visited Web Categories and Web Sites" there is the column "Estimated Browsing Time" as I understand it to reflect how the total time of...

Once VPN connects, the connection to the server drops.

We have several hosted environments, each hosted by a different managed service partners.We use the FortiClient from MSP#1 on a server hosted by MSP#2 to send email. Up until a month ago, the client/connection was working just fine. Now when the VPN ...

rdahlberg by New Contributor
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RPF notworking on FortiOS 6.4

Hi community. I was teast feature RPF on fortiOS 6.4 but i think this notwork. Someone can check it? I flow this website: My log:# Enable RPF and Enable Route id=20085 trace_id=308 func=print_pkt_det...

hoanbc by New Contributor
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