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VoIP with Dual WAN

I'm trying to help someone set up a new NW with a 60C, and not sure how to approach this. They have dual ISPs that they want to load balance, but will be using hosted VoIP from one of the providers, so need to make sure all the voice traffic goes ove...

bobm by New Contributor III
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Problems with routing with ipsec tunnel mode

I am trying to get a new ipsec tunnel running towards another vendor firewall. I get the tunnel up and running, and I can ping the other side from the CLI in fortigate. But I can't get it from the internal interfaces I got behind the fortigate. I hav...

knut by New Contributor
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DHCP Server Issue

I need to configure another pool on currently running DHCP Server on fortigate unit 1240B.The already assigned IP Pool cannot be extended due to some technical reason.Please suggest

Fortigate 80C - url filtering

Hi, I`ve added new Web Filter Profile and named it "access danied". Some of the subcategories has been allowed e.g. Government and Legal Organizations Then I`ve created New URL Filter and named it "url access danied" with 4 entries1. URL: *login.webm...

Fortigate 80C - specific WAN to specific interface

Hi, hope this is on the proper place. I have 4 different internet providers configured on my Forti ( WAN1, WAN2, internal 5 and 6 )Internal 3 is configured as WI FI with address.How can I set that only people who are going through this inter...

Resolved! Convert .cer certificate

Can someone help me out on this? Got a mail from our certificate supplier about SHA1 certificates being phased out. They supplied us with a new certificate which replaces the old one. However this certificate is only available in .cer-format and is b...