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pblm in boot after downgrade firmware of fortigate 300c

DEAR Freind , After i had restored the config-file in my new fortigate ( with forti-os 5.2.10) , all port( in the fortiASIC powered pannel ) are down ( led off ) , i can't connect to my newfortigate via phisical port ! , i have dowgrade to 4.3.8 ( th...

forticron daemon - CPU 30-40%.

Hi everyone:I have a legacy environment with a Fortigate 40c / firmware 4.3.11 that is hitting 99% CPU when the NFS traffic crosses it. One of the daemons that is consuming between 30-40% is forticron. I researched about it and I did not find much in...

Resolved! 3 Sites via IPSEC VPN

Hello, I would like to ask some advise and recommendations as well with our Site-to-Site IPSEC VPN.Below are the scenarios. Please refer on the attached diagram. We have an existing Site-to-Site IPSEC which is Site A going to Site C. Since we are exp...

kentbsece by New Contributor II
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Resolved! IPSEC VPN Using Private IP, point-to-point

Hello, I'm currently building a site-to-site IPSEC VPN but I would like to know if its possible to use a private IP ( network. Below is my current configuration. Firewall A:Port 10: Firewall B: Port 9: Both p...

kentbsece by New Contributor II
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Fortigate IPSec VPN site-to-site Kerio Control

Hi All, I found only this But i cannot connect each other so any idea or manual with fortigate 60 C Fortigate 50b v4.0,build0689,140...

q_lenin by New Contributor
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Site-to-Site VPN to network behind two NAT routers

Hello everyone, I have next setup: 1) Main office with Fortiget 40C as router/firwall (lets say IP of external inteface is and LAN network behind it ( 2) VPS server in Cloud. It stand behind 2 routers/firewalls (first one is ...

O_Lytvyn by New Contributor
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