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Article Id 262178
Description This article describes the case when FAP-U431F radios show 'PowerDown' status in 'show interfaces Dot11Radio' output on FortiWLC due to 802.3af PoE power.
Scope FortiWLC, FAP-U43xF - v8.5.x and v8.6.x.
  1. FAP-U431F radios 'Operation Status' show 'PowerDown' in 'show interfaces Dot11Radio' output due to 802.3af PoE power:


show interfaces Dot11Radio


AP ID AP Name IfIndex AP Model AP Mode Admin State Op State RF Band Primary Oper Channel Channel Width Uplink Type Feature Override Group

3 AP-3 3 FAP-U431F ScanRogues Up PowerDown 802.11ac 52 52 20-mhz Downlink 0 off
3 AP-3 2 FAP-U431F Service Up PowerDown 802.11ax_5 36 36 40-mhz-extension-channel-above Downlink 0 off
3 AP-3 1 FAP-U431F Service Up PowerDown 802.11ax_2 1 1 20-mhz Downlink 0 off


     2. When the radios are in a 'PowerDown' state, the radios do not broadcast the SSIDs. Instead of that, the radios should be in 'Enabled' mode.


     3. Per AP datasheet, FAP-U431F requires 802.3at (PoE+) power. For other AP models PoE power requirements, refer to the datasheet: FortiAP u-series.

     4. Ensure the AP uplink Switch is PoE+ compliant and enable LLDP-MED Power Negotiation (refer to Switch user guide for instructions).


     5. To verify the current PoE power drawn on the AP, use the below commands on WLC and AP CLI:


show ap <AP_ID>

Connectivity Layer : L2
Dataplane Encryption : None
AP Model : FAP-U431F
Power Supply Type : 802.3-af >>>>>>>>>>> Instead it should be 802.3-at


conn ap <AP_ID>


ap 4> sys p
Power Supply Type : POE-AF


     6. If the issue remains then upgrade WLC to the new 8.6-5 because there is a similar bug 783465 which is fixed in WLC 8.6-5 (release notes link below). Before WLC upgrade, download the WLC running-config backup and diagnostics: FortiWLC release notes: fixed issues.