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vpn modem 3G

Hi, I need to create an IPSec VPN between head office and branches. The problem is that, in one branch I have USB 3G modem an Internet Connection. Could I use standard Site to Site vpn, or I need to use DialUp ? I don' t know (maybe you know) if modem can be configured n bridge mode to give me public IP address, which I could use as my Peer address in vpn? Or modem will give me a private IP address range? I don' t know how to deal with it. Could you explain it to me?
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Hi, Most likely your ISP is natting your address, and you will not receive a public IP. So in that case you need to have a dialup connection.

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Hello, You can configure a site to site VPN, but you should use the agressive mode + NAT-T enabled and initiate the VPN from the firewall with the dynymic IP.