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outbound messages from exchange 2010 are blacklisted


    i have an exchange server for which i wanted to redirect outbound messages throught a fortimail antispam box(v4.0,build0546,140610 (MR3 Patch 8)). i created a new send connector for a test domain and used the ip of the antispam as the smart host.

i am already using the antispam for inbound messages.

the message dont get out off the antispam. (delivery delayed message from exchange) after a few moment the internal ip was blacklistest.

i cannot telnet to smtp port , the session is immediately closedwith the message "550 5.5.0 is blacklisted by FortiGuard. This email has been rejected. The email message was detected as spam."


i have the following message in the logs :

Log Type    AntiSpam
Date 2016-06-29
Time 10:54:46
Client mail.domain.local []
Message FortiGuard-AntiSpam identified spam ip at connection: score=3
Log ID 0300019726
Level information
Type spam
Destination IP

i tryed to create a RELAY access control policy to allow relaying from this ip. i also added the ip into the system white list. But i still cannot connect to the antispam box on port 25


how can i get out of this?


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i figured it out

i changed the rule's priority to come before a more restrictive rule.


now the mail is no more rejected.

but now the mail does not get out the antispam.



Probably best not to use a public IP for your Exchange server.


maybe try a different session profile for that IP.


ok now my emails are going out.


i noticed a configuration error, the Mail-server settings -> relay server config was pointing to the exchange server.

it made a loop between exchange and fortimail :)

i removed the adress and let fortimail find recipient's domain automaticaly.


relay server are used for outbound messages relay only


now it looks ok.

next step , i'll check the auto white list feature.


thanks for watching!



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