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https virus scanning with explicit proxy

Hello, just tried to enable https scanning with the new explicit proxy on a fortigate 110C,310B and 80C but https doesn' t get decrypted. Has anyone the same behavior? To check it: -Enable explicit proxy on a internal interface -create a " protocol profile" with deep scanning enabled -create " av profile" with av inside http and https enabled -create a rule from src interface " web-proxy" to " external interface" check utm radio button and select created " av profile" and " protocol profile" Best Regards Sebastian

Last week I spoke with fortinet after submiting a bug report and the HTTPS feature for web proxy is not working and they know about it. It is scheduled to be fixed in release 4.3. Also the safe search engine is broken as well and it is a bug that fortinet is working on fixing in the current release. Also I noticed that the users that authenicate to the web proxy do not show up on the monitored user list. Fortinet has not addressed this issue yet.

Hi ejhardin, thank' s for Your replay. I' ve sent a bug report last week but didn' t get a proper response until now. But it' s nice to know - iam not the only one :-) Best Regards Sebastian
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