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gft60b route vpn to wan2 and internet browsing to wan1

I have a fgt60B, I need to do 10 ipsec vpn tunnels with remote office: on wan2 I have a hdsl router to use only for vpns and on wan1 I have a adsl router for internet browsing. Local lan, remote vpn lan 192.168.x.0/32 ( x 2 to 11) My problem is how to correct route traffic. First I set a route for each remote vpn router public ip with destination ip of remote router and default gateway my hdsl router ip, interface wan2. Last route default gataway ip address of my HDSL router, wan2 I make the rules on firewall, internal to wan2 to allow vpns, and a last one to allow not encrypted traffic to internet. With this configuration intenet and vpn goes throw HDSL Then I changed the last route , set interface wan1, gataway ip address of my ADSL router. Then create firewall rule, from internal to wan1, allow. BY this point vpn goes down. I had to add for each vpn an other route with destination the private ip address of remote network (192.168.x.0/32) and gateway my HDSL, wan2. Is there any other possiblity to do it easly and more correcly? What I mistake? Thank you
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