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full-featured FortiClient VPN 7.0.10 is stuck at 98% and returns to login screen

Dear all, 

we manage the FortiClient via. FortiEMS, recently we no longer roll out the FortiClient V7.0.10 via. FortiEMS but via. Microsoft Intune.


The Roll-Out over Microsoft Intune works perfectly and connects to the EMS via. the Telemetry key. But if you then try to connect to the SSL VPN-Tunnel externally via. WiFI or hotspot, the FortiClient stuck at 98% and returns than to login screen.  


If you then uninstall the FortiClient again and install it manually, it works. Is that really the solution? 

I dont want to manually install over 200 devices later. 


The problem only occurs since 7.0.10.  

Does anyone have an idea what it could be?

Thanks for your help!


Hi @Rizgiff, This issue usually occurs due to IPv6 being enabled on the NIC of the client machine.


Please refer the following article:


You might need to disable the IPv6 on NIC if you're not using it. 

Maulish Shah

Hi maulishshah, 

do you really think the problem will be solved if I deactivate IPv6 on the NIC? Because strangely enough, if I uninstall the FortiClient and install it manually, it works again.


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