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content scanning and rewriting

Can Fortigate firewalls scan and rewrite application data or web session data. Specifically I want to have an ASPSessionID cookie is set to HttpOnly. I can' t do this in code as its for an asp classic page - running on an IIS6 server - so no URL rewrite module on the server either. I know F5 Firewalls can do this... So I' m looking for similar functionality in the Fortigate. Specifically I have 300A firewalls and a 310B. Firmware is: v4.0,build0656,130211 (MR3 Patch 12)
(2) FortiGate 300A (clustered) 4.2.9 (1) Fortigate 310B 4.2.9 (1) Fortianalyzer 100C 4.2.4