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clicking on handset

We have a fortivoice fve-20e2. We have 4 fon-670i phones 2 in the office and 2 out at remote locations using vpn to connect in.  For some reason the 2 phones in the office have a clicking sound on the handsets.  You can use the speakerphone on them and it and you don't hear the clicking but if you pick up the hand set even during the dial tone there is a clicking noise.  The 2 at the remote sites that connect in with vpn do not have this at all.  I have taken one of the phones from the office to one of the remote locations and hooked it up and it still has the clicking in the handset.  If I leave it unplugged for a few weeks and then plug it in and try to use it the clicking will be gone but within a week or so it will start again.  It starts off slow then will over time will start to speed up not while you are using it just when it starts it will be slow then the next day you pick it up and it will be quicker and then the next even quicker till you her a few clicks a second.  Has anybody ever had this problem and if so any suggestions to clear it up.


Thank you

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It happens due to a bad transistor in the headset. To diagnose the cause of the clicking sound you need to run a test. It shows the health of the components and shows the components need to be replaced

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Even if you are not familiar with the term, you have probably

experienced "click loss" on your mobile phone. Click loss is the sensation of

a button being unresponsive when pressed. There are many causes for click

loss, but the most common is dirt or debris blocking the button mechanism.

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The clicking sound on the handsets of your Fon-670i phones may be due to a few different factors. One possibility is interference from other electronic devices or power sources. You could try moving the phones to a different location, away from other electronic devices, to see if that helps.

Another possibility is a problem with the phone's hardware or firmware. You could try resetting the phones to their default settings or updating their firmware to see if that resolves the issue. If the problem persists, you may need to contact the manufacturer or a technician for further assistance.

It is also possible that there may be an issue with the wiring or network setup in your office, which is causing the clicking sound. You may want to check your network cables and switches to ensure they are properly connected and functioning correctly. Additionally, you may want to contact your internet service provider to ensure that there are no issues with your internet connection that could be causing the problem.

Overall, troubleshooting the clicking sound on your Fon-670i phones may require some trial and error. It is recommended to start with the simplest solutions, such as changing the location of the phones or resetting their settings, before moving on to more complex solutions.

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