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Web filtering not working

1. A problem description The web filter is not working as expected, here are the steps i did., the firewall has 2 vdoms, root and update, lan side is the root and web filter done in root. 1. configured a new filter policy , blocked adult sites. 2. configured ssl/ssj policy and selected full ssl inspection. 3. applied this web filter and ssh/ssl policy to a LAN-WAN firewall policy. the adult sites still opens. 2. Relevant background information (Has the configuration worked in the past? Is this a new configuration? Have any changes been made recently to the Fortinet device or application or on the network?) New configuration 3. A network diagram with the IP addressing clearly indicated users------core-sw-----root.vdom-----update.vdom--------isp.router-----------internet.


Please advice

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Unrelated question; why 2 vdoms for this scenario? 


Back to your problem; check the (forward) logs. Which rule is the browsing traffic hitting? Does this rule have the correct web-filter policy?  

What is the categorisation of the visited site in log?

Turn all logging on at least untill you solve this issue. 



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