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Web Filter

Unrated category URL should be blocked ? Please advise.


Depends on your use-case.


Do your end-users access only/mostly well-established websites/web-services? Then you should be fine blocking the unrated category.


Do your end-users regularly visit "random" or new websites/services as part of their job? Then maybe you should allow it. Or block it, with ad-hoc exceptions being added as needed.


If you're unsure, start by setting the category to "monitor" for some interim period, and then periodically check your logs for any access matching this category. Then you can review the websites matched and decide if you want to block, allow, or block with exceptions.

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To block URLs in the "Unrated" category, you can use various methods depending on your network setup. One common approach is to use a web filtering or content filtering solution. Here are general steps you can take:

  1. Web Filtering Software: If your organization uses web filtering software or a firewall with content filtering capabilities, you can configure it to block URLs in the "Unrated" category. The exact steps will depend on the software or hardware solution you're using, so refer to the documentation provided by your vendor.

  2. DNS Filtering: You can use DNS filtering services to block access to specific categories of websites. OpenDNS, for example, allows you to create custom filtering rules. You can configure it to block access to websites in the "Unrated" category.

  3. Proxy Server: If your network uses a proxy server, you can configure it to block URLs in the "Unrated" category. This can often be done by setting up filtering rules in the proxy server settings.

  4. Group Policy (For Windows Networks): If you're in a Windows environment, you can use Group Policy to restrict access to certain websites. This is typically done through the use of Internet Explorer settings.

  5. Router Settings: Depending on your router, you may have the option to block specific categories of websites. Check your router settings for content filtering options.


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I turned this on and it blocked the wifi agreement page for a hotel. Would not have been a big deal except we had a group from my company staying at the hotel for a conference. 


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