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I was told that the version before 2.8 would have WPA security in it? AM I missing it?
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Weird...WPA was added in firmware v2.80 built 248, but has been removed in the latest firmware v2.80 build 290 (MR6).
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I am using FortiWiFi-60 2.80,build292,041118 and trying to figure WPA with RADIUS support out... Anyone done this before? Setup is a couple of WiFi-enabled computers, WFW60 and RADIUS (ACE-server). The users all have SecurID tokens and I would LOVE to have them authenticate with their Windows XP SP2 computers. As it is now, the clients see the network and that it is a WPA network, but Windows never gets pass the " Validating Identity" process. Cheers, /msa