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V5 Fortigate Logging to V4MR3 FAZ

Does the major version need to match between a Fortigate & a Fortianalyzer? i.e. can a Fortigate running V5.0.5 log to a Fortianalyzer using 4.0MR3P7? Thanks
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Back in March I responded to this post: " Logs not received"   My response: I had a similar problem with a FA-100C: The FG200B was running 4.0 MR2 Patch 8 The FA100C was running 4.0 MR3 Patch 1 Everything was working fine. I updated FG200B to 5.0 Patch 1 and the FortiAnalyzer stopped receiving logs, it said " LOGS NOT RECEIVED" . I tried many many things but in the end I updated the FortiAnalyzer to 5.0 Patch 1 and it started receiving logs again.

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if fortianalyzer process on v5 it' s not important whether fortigate version v5 or v4 but if fortianalyzer process on v4 fortigate must be on v4, not support v5
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I also meet with this problem.Fortinet Guy in chian tells me that Fortianalyzer ver 4.3 can not support the Fortigate on 5.0.5.
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