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V4MR3 FSSO " not verified" status

I am running into a problem where we have multiple AD user groups for applying different Web Filter profiles. Everything appears to be correct in that the users are identified with the appropriate group & receive the correct Web Filter profile. User status in FSSO is " OK" . After a period of time the users status in FSSO changes to " Not Verified" and they begin receiving a different (Guest) Web Filter profile. DC agent is running in polling mode. When on the DC in Computer Management I cannot connect to another computer. I can however do a \\machine name or IP address from the start menu - But not in Computer Management. Per Fortinet support the FSSO agent will see the original user logon via the event logs & will query the user after a period of time to verify they are still logged in since there is no event log if they log off. Support states they cannot help me until I can connect to another computer via Computer management. We have verified the WS firewall is off, the remote registry service is set to auto & running. I found some information regarding a specific registry key permission, but it has not made any difference. Any help would be appreciated.
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