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Upgrade from Forticlient EMS Server 6.4.9 to 7.0.7

Hey all, looking to upgrade my EMS Server from 6.4.9 to 7.0.7 but this fails and apparently the reason i have been given by support is "you can only upgrade from an older dated version then the version you are trying to go to"

ie. 7.0.7 was released in august last year but 6.4.9 was released in september last year. IS there any way to get around this or a beta at least that is newer then september last year? We are currently not looking to go to 7.2 as we will lose a large amount of our features as fortinet have now removed a tonne of features in the base ZTNA EMS license vs the EPP license.

This sounds absolutely wild to me. I've never heard of this. Version numbering should supercede release date IMO.


That said, Fortinet products almost always have a prescribed upgrade path. Please review the one for FortiClient (i'm surprised TAC did not share this with you):


As you can note from the document the official upgrade path from 6.4.X is direct to 7.0.7.


I would get back in touch with TAC and tell them their official documentation states you can upgrade to 7.0.7 from any release of 6.4. I wouldn't settle for no here. It's ridiculous to say you can't upgrade to version 7 because your version of 6.4 has a newer release date.


Since 7.0.8 is out can we update directly to that? none of the docu has been updated to account for its existence as of yet.


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