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Update 4.2 -> 4.3 any known problems?

I guess 4.3 is out long enough to iron out most bugs, still i am facing an upgrade of 8 Clusters from 4.2.X to 4.3. Are there any experiences what parts may break during an update? I have so far not really experienced bigger problems with past updates, but still its of course " super critical, no downtime .." according to users. Pretty standard redundant VPN/OSPF setup.
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4.3 patch15 are a most stable firmware today. 4.2 releases are EoL, so if you need open a ticket on Fortinet TAC, they will first ask to you update to 4.3 before support you. The best upgrade path are: 4.2.x -> 4.2.15 -> 4.3.11 -> 4.3.15 Regards, Paulo Raponi

Regards, Paulo Raponi


I encountered the problem with support and now i have to update. Therefore i want to know whther you encountered any services needing special treatments after the upgrade..
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See this post. ;)

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Thanks.. this really helps. Will watchout for DLP gone wild ;)
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After the upgrade you have to re-config your FortiGuard Categories in your Web Filter Profiles.[:' (]



I did this upgrade recently. Compared to previous major upgrades, it went very smoothly for me. The official Fortigate doc on the upgrade path is here: Depending on your current 4.2.x firmware, you might need to go to 4.3.6 before going to 4.3.11 => 4.3.15 Here are a few relatively minor things I noticed after the upgrade: 1. The names of several applications changed or were removed. My application sensors had strange entries after upgrade and I had to edit the contents so they didn' t say things like, " Unknown Application." 2. I think I had one or two application sensors that had a space in the profile name that prevented it from displaying in the GUI. I had to rename it in the CLI. In general, you should insure there are no spaces in any profile names before doing the upgrade. 3. I had to update/upgrade the appropriate FSSO software on my servers to the latest version to prevent a few login bugs.

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In 4.3 you have to enable a user group to be available for SSL VPN usage. The 4.2 config was converted successfully but as the designated user group was not enabled SSL VPN failed in the beginning. Took some time to find that.


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