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Specific website exclusion of gambling list

HKJC is very common gambling website in Hong Kong.

I would like to use fortigate gambling web filter but i want to exclude HKJC website.

What can be done about it?


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Hi, King_lau.


You can try manually override this domain from your Web Filter Profile.


Check this doc:




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You should try web rating overrides option and change the category of this particular website as custom


I understand you perfectly. This is a fairly small overview of the problems that web filtering is intended to solve. I think there is no doubt in your mind that you should use it. So now we need to take a look at how it works and how to configure it on FortiGate. Once a TCP connection is established, the client makes a request to the server for access to the website using an HTTP request. The server grants access to the website with an HTTP response. This is where the web filter comes in. This contains what are called regular expressions. If something gets in your way, you can exclude it from the list. Let's say I like the casino, but I don't want to see other gambling offerings. That is, I do not need to hide the entire category.

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Do you already have a fortigate gambling web filter installed?


When creating a webfilter and blocking gambling, you can also add the website/domain in question to the URL filter at the bottom and set action allow/exempt; the URL filter within a webfilter profile takes precedence over the broader categories, no need to manually override the webfilter category for the website

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You can go to the fortigate settings and set exceptions for filtering. You can specify that the program does not recognize HKJC as a malicious site on the grounds themselves. It's very simple but writes in private messages if you need more detailed instructions. When I installed this add-on, I also pointed out the casino site where I constantly play 카지노사이트. I've been spending my free time there for several years now, so I decided not even to check it. By the way, do you know how to set different site filtering criteria? Or are they the same for everyone?

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How is it really possible if I like the casinomate for example and I don't want to see other gambling offerings?

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I know that the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) is a pretty popular gambling website in Hong Kong. But if you're not feeling it and want to block it, you can add it to your exclusion list in your Fortigate filter.