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Hello configure a SSL VPN Web and everything works perfectly, the only problem is that I can not access the server Otuc on my intranet, when I try to access the display tells me Error - Åylû... In a green background, if I can make this ping server. Any idea why this happens?
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Hello again, I have been reviewing the problem with the server mentioned above, and the problem is that when I try to access the server with a machine that has a different DNS can not do that while I am in the same internal network implying that the same thing happens when I connect via SSL Web acces (Not tunnel, only web access) as I do for DNS work with my web access, the box has already DNS address of the server but still does not work, in fact vpn SSL Web access will not allow me to access any server by name only by its IP address which proves that not using the DNS ... How can I make the fortigate use the DNS in this connection site? Thanks!
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