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Resolve Hostnames for Logs

Hi! How can I resolve the Soruce Hostnames in my App-Control Logfiles? now I get only IPs - but with DHCP, this is not the best. br Bernhard
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I' d like to know if this is possible as well. More so for the web filtering aspect but I guess if you can resolve it in one area, it wil resolve for all the logs.
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I had set up on my FortiAnalyzer FA-400B a table of IP Aliases (System | Config | IP Alias). My site also uses DHCP but the lease length is 4 weeks and machines are always used at least that often so i don' t have to worry about the addresses changing. Prior to my upgrade from v4-MR2 to v4-MR3, all my reports showed the alias correctly rather than IP. The reports were very readable. I did have to check off the box in the report definition for it to resolve the names in order for this to all flow through. Since my update to v4-MR3 I no longer see the alias, just the IP address. The reporting config is significantly different than it used to be and I can' t find a setting where I can tell it to resolve or otherwise use the alias. Anyone know how I can make it do this once again?
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Use the FSSO agent on a server and add the FSSO server to the fortigate, then you have to enable the " Resolve User Names Using FSSO Agent" in the policy. It works decently for us, but we have a couple of sites that don' t always resolve the user names. We have 27 total sites with HA pairs using the FSSO agaent but we are not using ID based policies yet. Oops, just realized you were trying to get hostnames, not usernames.